Daniel Alain Life Science’s research team is led by Applied Biology, a biopharmaceutical company paving the way to radically new therapies in dermatology and hair loss.


Prof. Goren’s 20 years of research have yielded numerous dermatological and hair-loss breakthroughs, including the following innovations in the treatment of hair loss:

  • Invented genetically modified, microorganism-based hair-loss therapy.
  • Developed the first genetic test for predicting hair loss and commercial treatment response.
  • Discovered epigenetic markers in female androgenetic alopecia, resulting in a breakthrough treatment for women’s hair loss.
  • Developed a commercial test for predicting minoxidil response in hair-loss patients.
  • Discovered a novel drug for the treatment of traction alopecia.
2016 speaking engaements

Prof. Goren is a frequent guest lecturer at international dermatological conferences. His 2016 speaking engagements include:

  • Chinese Hair Congress, Beijing, China
  • EADV Athens, Greece
  • EHRS Tbilisi, Georgia
  • 5CC Barcelona, Spain
  • DASIL, Dubai, UAE
  • Vitiligo Master Class, Rome, Italy