Daniel Alain Life Science is a biotech company whose research efforts are focused on developing treatments for hair loss, hair thinning, and hair shedding in women.

Daniel Alain Life Science recently acquired the intellectual property rights for a number of breakthrough drugs, devices, and natural treatments for hair loss from Applied Biology, and is working closely with them to produce innovative, breakthrough therapies for both hair and scalp conditions.


The statistics

Female-pattern hair loss affects up to 50% of women by the age of 60. However, the only FDA-approved drug for the treatment of female pattern hair loss is topical Minoxidil.

Approx. 30% of women respond to topical Minoxidil. That leaves the majority of women (approximately 70%) without a treatment that has met federal regulations.

Alongside our key partner Applied Biology, we licensed diagnostics and drugs that will allow doctors to treat the majority of women who do not respond to Minoxidil.

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Founder, Applied Biology

Professor Dr. Andy Goren

Goren’s work at Applied Biology and University of Rome in research and development has led to more than 15 years of breakthroughs within the field of medical technology, including his latest innovation—a rapid test that predicts Minoxidil response in androgenetic alopecia. Continuously at the forefront of producing breakthrough therapies in hair and scalp conditions, Goren uses biological and medical research to develop innovative drug and medical device products aimed at improving the quality of life for alopecia patients, addressing both the cosmetic and medical aspects.

Founder & CEO

Daniel Alain Hafid

Daniel Alain Hafid, CEO and Founder of Daniel Alain Life Science, is dedicated to finding a cure for alopecia areata; a prevalent autoimmune disease that results in hair loss.

When a woman looks in the mirror and sees that she is rapidly losing her hair due to alopecia or chemotherapy, the image reflected back at her is often heartbreaking. Known psychosocial complications due to hair loss can include depression, low self-esteem, altered self-image, and less frequent and enjoyable social engagements. Hair loss is not merely a cosmetic condition, which is why we are not only dedicated to curing it, but also helping women around the world rediscover their confidence, and more importantly, feel beautiful.

It’s something women just don't talk about. There's such a stigma.

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